Come to Church Papa

[Not a recent work but recently revisited]

Description: A surgeon dissects down to the heart of our origins and the part played by orthodox Christianity and in doing so unearths some surprising anomalies.

Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human. 

Viktor e. frankl1

This small essay follows an earlier essay and is inspired by the memory of John Pfitzner. This earlier essay was entitled A Working Man’s Credo: Intimations on Immortality[2] and was published in 2013 having had an initial edit by John Pfitzner in 2011, just over one year before he died. Some of the material in that essay is included here but most is new.

In the previous essay the methodology used was from the standpoint of a physician making a clinical diagnosis, starting by weighing up the evidence presented by a history and clinical examination of the presenting patient, going on to investigations such as blood tests and X-rays, formulating a differential diagnosis, and finally arriving at a diagnosis. All evidence based.

In this essay a different approach is used, tempered very much by my age and the emergence of seven vibrant grandchildren to whom I feel I owe a responsibility as, after all, I am partially responsible for their existence.

It takes the form of questions and my attempts to answer those questions to the best of my ability.


[1] Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning, Ebury Publishing, Random House Group, Great Britain, 2008.

[2] Ross Johnson, A Working Man’s Credo, McAvaney Media Pty Ltd., Available as E-book, 2013.


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