Golf: Poetry in motion

Cover notes:

He watches me hit some balls and says,

‘We have to throw off the shackles.’

He gets me to loosen my grip

and to let go through the swing,

not trying so hard

to do everything right.

I chortle with amazement

as the 7-iron connects,

and the ball, shot after shot,

follows its long, high arc

down the fairway…

John Pfitzner, 2008

From ancient times, the act of hitting a small ball into a distant hole has fascinated and infuriated manking. on any given day, golfers might view their sport as a science, religion, philosophy or a waste of time. It inspires and infuriates, leads to deep friendships and vicious animosities. In this essay, golf is a game that has been a constant across one man’s lifetime. We hope you enjoy Ross’s recollections. AJ (ed.)

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