Surgical reflections from the twentieth century: a personal memoir



Chapter 1: Serendipitous events                            

Chapter 2: New Zealand interlude                        

Chapter 3: Back in Australia                                

Chapter 4: A Canadian year                              

Chapter 5: Australia in brief                            

Chapter 6: Life in Rochford                                 

Chapter 7: Starting a surgical career                  

Chapter 8: Casualty registrar at Croydon

Chapter 9: Epsom and a new baby                  

Chapter 10: Sussex and home                             

Chapter 11: Establishing a career in 1966           

Chapter 12: The Professorial Clinic                     

Chapter 13: The Magarey Unit                              

Chapter 14: Private surgical practice                

Chapter 15: The Birth of laparoscopic surgery    

Chapter 16: Retirement                                     

Chapter 17: Reflections                                      

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